Off The Shoulder With Denim And Knee High Boots

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Off The Shoulder With Denim And Knee High Boots

March 3, 2017












Top: Off The Shoulder Ruffle Sleeve

Bottom: Skinny High Waisted  Demin

Shoes: Knee High Boots



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Love Vibes

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Love Vibes

Feb 11, 2017






Top: Oversized Casual Graphic Knit Sweater

Jacket: Oversize Pink Coat

Bottom: Skinny Jeans

Shoes: Suede Round Toe Boots



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Peacoat With Denim And Ankle Booties

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Peacoat With Denim And Ankle Booties

 Feb 10, 2017












Top: Beige Sleeveless High Low Cut Top

Jacket: Toogle Coat

Bottom: Ripped Denim

Shoes: Wedge Ankle Booties



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First Impressions: Franks Body Scrub

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Jun 05, 14 First Impressions: Franks Body Scrub



First Impressions: Franks Body Scrub

I found out about this product from my sister. I did a little research on it and after that I really want to try it out and see if it really worked.

Franks body is said to help with stretch marks and cellulite, which a something I think most of us have?

I so far have used the original and not yet have opened  the coconut one.

I have been using this for a little over 3 weeks now. I have seen that it has help reduced the appearance of my old stretch marks. They are still there, but I did notice it looks less noticeable. I felt that the first time I used It could feel the difference in my skin. It was really smooth.

I must say it is quite dirty and I hope it doesn’t clog up the drain lol.


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Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm Review

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Wow! it’s been forever since I have written on my website here. It’s a gorgeous day and let’s just say it has put me in the mood to do a little writing.:)

Now for my thoughts on this product. I have been using them for over a month now. I must say that their scents are true to their names. I’m loving the Cherry Me flavour! What I enjoy about these products are that they all have a natural tint to them so it’s looks natural when applied on the lips. They are definitely  chapter in the States than in Canada! You can find them at Walmart and Target. They claim they will moisturize your lips for up to 8hrs, that could be a exaggerated because they don’t. But than again most lip products don’t. They have many shades to chose from and I still have not yet tried all of them.

Pricing: $2.99 (States) , $3.44- $4 (Canada)

Where To Find Them: Target, Walmart ( States) , Superstore, Walmart, Rexall, Shoppers Drug Mart (Canada)

Verdict: Great product for it’s price point and will purchase again!

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DIY Easy Sock Bun Updo

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This bun was made by using a sock:)

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